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Brewers Beyond the Box

All alliteration aside, Beyond the Box Score, our SB Nation sister site, has a lengthy article reviewing the Brewers' 2005 and looking ahead to next season.  Highlights:

The bullpen held together thanks to the addition of Derrick Turnbow, who was picked up off of waivers from the (then) Anaheim Angels after the 2004 season. In 67.3 innings of relief, he posted a Run Average of 2.01 (compared to his ERA of 1.74) and struck out 8.56/9 IP. His walk rate is a little bit high, but if his control improves you can expect another great if not excellent performance. His defense independent numbers all look very good, though slightly below his actual ones. The one thing that bothers me about the Milwaukee bullpen is the fact that many of the relievers put up season lines that do not correspond well with their past history. For example, Justin Lehr, who was part of the package in exchange for the 2004 squad's Keith Ginter, threw 34.7 innings with poor peripherals but finished with an ERA+ of 109. Mike Adams (157 ERA+), Kane David (157 ERA+), and Tommy Phelps (91 ERA+) are all examples of ERA's gone wrong when peripherals are taken into account. With Jose Capellan most likely taking on a larger role in the bullpen ... the bullpen will look and be stronger than it currently stands. This will be key to winning upwards of 88-90 games in 2006.

Caution aside, it's always good to hear this stuff from people on the outside--it isn't just Brewer fanboy madness.