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Free Agent Signings?

Do you think the Brewers will be active in the Free Agent Market over the next few weeks? There is supposedly enough room in the payroll to add some more salary.

I've got one potential free agent I'm keeping my eye on.

Today, it is expected to be Boston's turn not to tender [Wade] Miller a contract, a tacit acknowledgment that the risk did not pay off the way the Sox had hoped. Sox co-general manager Jed Hoyer would not confirm yesterday that the club intends to cut its ties with Miller today, the deadline for teams to tender contracts to players under their control. But Miller, who went 4-4 with a 4.95 ERA before undergoing surgery on his right labrum in late September, almost certainly will not be tendered and thus become a free agent.

Miller has the stuff, when he can stay healthy and his delivery is on he's pretty good. I know he lit  up the Brewers a few times when he was with the Astros. How about we bring in Miller and return the favor to the 'Stros?

The scouting report from Stats Inc.

Miller has a complicated delivery that has to be just right for him to be effective. When he's right, Miller has as much stuff as practically anyone on the staff, throwing his fastball in the mid-90s and his slider around 90 MPH.The slightest deviation, however, and he not only has troubles pitching, but can be prone to injury. In mid-May, he was having problems and came out of a game with a strained neck, which was similar to a problem he had in the past. He seemed to be back on track in June before the shoulder began to bother him too much. An ironman who had pitched an average of 188 innings per year since 2000, Miller never was his former self last year.

He has a career GB/FB ratio of 1.24, that's a good sign for a pitcher's future. Guys with high GB/FB ratios are usually more likely to have better years that those with low GB/FB ratios.

Miller just turned 29 in September. Seems like a perfect Mike Maddux project for next year, smooth out that delivery kep him healthy... Also he probably doesn't expect to make much, if any, more than the 1.5 million the Red Sox paid him last year.

What do you think?