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Franchises at Birth

Steve Treder completes his 3-parter on the Royals and Brewers, focusing this time on 1975-1980, when things started to look up for the Crew, though not as much as they did for the Royals:

After years of languishing in or near the basement, the Brewers had suddenly leapt over the middle of the pack and were an overnight powerhouse. It was no fluke: in 1979 with essentially the same cast (but with Slaton returning, signed as a free agent), and despite Hisle being shelved by a rotator cuff injury that would prove to effectively ruin his career, the Brewers were even stronger than before, going 95-66, finishing in second place behind the Orioles, and now ahead of both the Yankees and Red Sox.

Ahh, ahead of the Yankees and Red Sox.  It's a bit of a non sequiter now, but it sounds good nonetheless.