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Pirates sign Joe Randa...Burnitz to Baltimore

Despite my comments yesterday, Joe Randa is now a Pittsburgh Pirate.  Congrats, Bucs: another $4 million spent to, uh, make your team older.  

Chad Bradford, the former Red Sox and A's reliever (and star of Moneyball, a book that y'all should read if you haven't already), has signed with the Mets for more than you'd expect a non-tendered reliever to make.  

In the AL: White Sox sign Jon Garland to a three-year, $29m extension, the sort of thing that makes me want Doug Melvin to sign Tomo Ohka long-term, right now.  Garland's a lot younger than Ohka, but he's been about league-average for his career, so even if he improves some as he moves into his late 20s, he'll be about Tomo-quality.  

Also, Jeromy Burnitz is about to be an Oriole.  The AP article in the link cutely points out that it's the second consecutive year Jeromy will be replacing Sammy Sosa.  Long way from stardom in Milwaukee, eh?