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Overbay Deal is Done.

Lots of sources on this one because it is official.

Batter's Box

So Overbay joins the Blue Jays and will help that team compete with the Red Sox and the Yankees immediately. This move, and GM Ricciardi's other moves this offseason make the Toronto Blue Jays my second favorite baseball team for 2006. Go Jays!

What do we get? Junk. Just kidding, three of Toronto's top prospects. Gabe Gross is a 26 year old left-handed, not-power-hitting, corner outfielder. He showed good patience at the plate in AAA last season. Zach Jackson is a 22 year old left handed, big bodied power pitcher with great command. Just from what I've read I think Zach has the most upside of the three we acquired. Dave Bush is no longer considered a prospect, he's a major league pitcher. He's 26 with two partial ML seasons under his belt. He pitched 98 innings for the Blue Jays in 2004 and 136 innings in 2005. is projecting him as a fifth started already. Way, way overly optimistic fans have him penciled in as a #3 starter.

Thus ends the Lyle Overbay era in Milwaukee. Overbay, you were a true Brewer, and a fan favorite for great reason. Toronto is a great city, so from all of Wisconsin, if I may, here's to your success and happiness!