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The Most Versatile Bench in MLB?

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Yesterday, Bill Hall played centerfield in a AAA game.  That means that of the infielders the Brewers may take north with them, at least three--Russell Branyan, Bill Hall, and Trent Durrington--can play the outfield.  Durrington can play anywhere, Hall--it looks like--can play anywhere, Branyan can play 3B/1B/corner OF, and Helms can play third and first.  

There's no reason for the Brewers (or any team, for that matter) to carry 13 pitchers, but a bench of Helms/Hall/Durrington/Moeller, especially with Kieschnick available to pinch-hit, would make such an arrangement possible.  

And while we're talking about the bench, did anyone else notice that Chris Magruder got into fifty-six games in Milwaukee last year?  I must have been getting a drink about forty of those times.