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Waivers? DFA'd? AAA? These are words I do not want to hear in the same sentence as Brooks Kieschnick.

According to the Journal-Sentinel, the Brewers have placed Brooks on waivers, and will designate him for assignment if he clears. In layman's terms: Brooks Kieschnick will not be a Brewer on Opening Day, and if we see him in Milwaukee this year, it'll likely be with another team's jersey on.

In 2003 spring training, I decided Kieschnick was my favorite Brewer just because he was a two-way player. But last year, he was actually one of the more reliable guys out of the bullpen. In terms of ERA, only Danny Kolb, Mike Adams, and Matt Wise were better. And, obviously, none of those guys hit .270.

Kieschnick may not have a role on a contending team. He may not be the closer-in-waiting, and he may no longer be a terrifying lefty pinch-hitter off the bench. But he's darn good at what he does, and kudos to Ned Yost and Doug Melvin (until now) for giving him the opportunity to use all of his skills. If Brooks becomes, say, a Washington National because Doug Melvin decided Wes "career ERA of 5.79" Obermueller deserves a roster spot ... well, I'll have to root against the Brewers for a few at-bats this year.

I've added a poll below for you to register your feelings about this.