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2005 Brewers Preview Part 6: Second Base

Less than a week to Opening Day!

You all may find this hard to believe after reading my diatribe against all things non-Branyan yesterday, but I don't have a lot to say about Junior Spivey and the second base situation for the Brewers. What I do have to say can be summed with a very few original talking points:

  1. We probably don't have a very good idea of how well Junior Spivey will perform this year, nor whether we can expect him to stay healthy. All we can really do is hope for 2002 instead of 2003.
  2. We shouldn't have traded Keith Ginter.
  3. We should start scouting the Yankees system, so when Tony Womack starts to suck even more than this, we'll know who to ask for.

Exciting, huh?

If he stays healthy, we can expect league average 2B numbers from Junior with a bit of upside. If he doesn't stay healthy, be prepared for Hall-rillo: The Return of the Ugly Swing Monster trying helplessly to turn double plays with J.J. Hardy. Or maybe Trent Durrington, who at least has a cool accent. And perhaps more importantly, causes Bob Uecker to make endless Aussie jokes.

Seriously, whoever voted for Vinny Castilla in my poll yesterday, say hi. If you were just playing along with my joke, that's awesome. If you really think, dude.

For good measure, I've added another poll for today's entry: just click on "entry link" to check it out and vote.