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I like the pretty pictures

SABR member & researcher Rex Hamann has teamed with photography collector extrordinaire Bob Koehler to produce The American Association Milwaukee Brewers, a photography book on the minor league teams of the first half of the century.  

You know, back when Uecker was playing.

From a Q & A with Hamann:

Bob's photo collection is indeed a treasure trove. As a youngster he had the blessed advantage in life of being able to go to old Brewers games at Borchert Field. He started collecting old Brewers items as a young man, so his collection of photos has been in his care for nearly 50 years. Some of the photos -- actual snapshots -- are from before 1920. They are extremely rare, of high quality and the best window on old Milwaukee baseball that is obtainable, publicly or privately.

Good stuff.

There's another recent book about the Brewers called "Baseball in Beertown," just published by Prairie Oak Press, and I hope to post a Q & A with the author, Todd Mishler, fairly soon.  Just in case the Kieschnick Watch isn't enough to sustain us all!