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Open Thread: Game 7, Pittsburgh (2-5) at Milwaukee (4-2)

The 2nd game at home, and first at night, features Gary Glover's (0-0, 0.00 in 1/3 inning) first start of the season against Mark Redman (0-0, 0.00 in 6 innings).

As Redman is a lefty, we will probably have the odd experience of seeing Russell Branyan sit on the bench the day after hitting two home runs. Or, as Kip Wells might say: "Wow."  

Lyle Overbay came up with what is now one of my favorite post-game quotes:

[Branyan's] first shot smashed into the giant center field scoreboard an estimated 465 feet from home plate.

``That's about as far as it can go,'' teammate Lyle Overbay marveled. ``I don't think they estimated that very well. It's got to be at least 500.''

A Milwaukee win and a Houston loss will give the Brewers sole possession of first place, and as we seem to have finally figured out how to beat the should-be-perennial cellar-dwelling Pirates, at least half of those requirements should be filled.  Though I must admit I can't bring myself to actually root for the Mets, who will take on Houston tomorrow.

I love this game...