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Open Thread: Game 8, Pittsburgh (3-5) at Milwaukee (4-3)

Chris Capuano (0-0, 5.06 in 5.1 innings) will go for his first win as 3TO and friends try to put the hurt on Josh Fogg (1-0, 1.42), who, if his career so far is any indication, is fairly easy to put the hurt on.

It's certainly easier to win ballgames WHEN YOUR BEST HITTER IS IN THE STARTING LINEUP!


I'm going to try to restrain myself from an anti-Yost rant right now, as it's always possible he'll realize in another few days that he needs to tone it down.  But suffice to say that no matter how much you like certain strategies, their success depends on the players you use them with.  If you're going to play for lefty-lefty matchups out of the pen, don't rely on Tommy "12th man" Phelps, even if he is the designated lefty short guy.  If you're going to be aggressive on the basepaths, for heaven's sake don't do it with slow people!

That's it for now.  If Junior Spivey gets caught stealing a couple more times, though, be prepared for a BCB manifesto.  It's very frustrating to see a 4-3 record and realize that, with superior managing (even non-intrusive managing), it could easily be 6-1.  Six wins, if you're keeping score, would be tops in MLB right now.  Four wins...second place.  It may be early, but it still stings.

Looking ahead: another day, another 500-foot Branyan home run.  Whaddya say?