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Kieschnick Watch, Part V

Brooks continues to see action out of the Corpus Christi 'pen, though it looks like he's not really being considered as a pinch-hitting option thus far.  Last night, he kept his ERA at 0.00 in the shadiest of ways:

Brooks Kieschnick made his second appearance of the series out of the Hooks' bullpen. The Corpus Christi native was charged with one unearned run in two innings. Kieschnick did not allow a hit, though he did issue one walk and he hit one batter. He also threw one wild pitch that allowed the unearned run to score.

This isn't the happiest time to bring it up, but I really feel that if a pitcher throws a wild pitch and a run scores, that ought to be an earned run.  I mean, it's the pitcher's fault, isn't it?  

Also: it's too bad the HBP wasn't intentional.  Brooks Kieschnick, in a minor league brawl, in the Texas League?  If that isn't old-fashioned American baseball, I don't know what is.