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Miller Park Antics

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It isn't the Barnum & Bailey circus coming to town during the next road trip ... it's more fun with the roof.

At long last, the roof may no longer leak:

Mike Duckett, the executive director of the stadium district, said workers tried a new epoxy membrane coating on a 40-by-14-foot section of roof by spraying water on it and looking for leaks.

"We found the testing to be encouraging. The majority of the sample areas we tested that leaked before were dry," Duckett said. "We had a couple of hard to get at areas that show some leaking. So we will do some additional sampling and testing before we pull the trigger with this approach."

I haven't followed the, uh, brew-haha over the flaws of Miller Park too closely, and I'd be thrilled for everything to just work like it's supposed to.  Seems like this could be a step in the right direction.