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Open Thread; Game 10, St. Louis (4-4) at Milwaukee (5-4)

Hmmm.  Good start for Ben Sheets.  Better start for Jeff Suppan?  Funny game, as they say.

Today, it's Doug Davis (2-0, 2.77) vs. Chris Carpenter (1-1, 7.84).  I can't help but thinking that Davis is only a few weeks from solid #1A status behind Sheets.  

Branyan is due for several dozen home runs, and the Brewers offense is due for ... well, anything!

Since everybody who responded to yesterday's poll figure the Brewers to take this weekend series, I'd say the Saturday win is a lock.  No question.  Tomorrow or Monday I'll chime in on the Sheets contract; it's a historical moment for the Brewers, and maybe not a wise one.  I want to give it some thought before spitting out a thousand words about it.