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Open Thread: Game 11, St. Louis (5-4) at Milwaukee (5-5)

Still in 2nd place, but hanging by a thread...

Since our #1 and #1A starters couldn't get the job done, salvaging the series falls to Victor Santos (0-0, 3.60 in 5 innings), who will take on the soon-I-PROMISE-to-collapse Jason Marquis (1-0, 1.46).

While you wait for the game to start, head over to the online music service of your choice and check out the Dave Koz track "Let it Free" on the album "Saxaphonic." Hot.

And on that subject, anybody have thoughts about the Zen Micro? I'm anti-iPod for reasons that are even more of a non-sequiter than this comment already is, but the Micro looks like it may be a worthy purchase. I guess I need to find out what Kieschnick has, and go with that, eh?