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Where Are They Now?

When I noticed this weekend that about half of the Cardinals bullpen (though not the healthy half) is ex-Brewers, I thought it would interesting to find out what ex-Brewers are still in baseball, and where they're playing.  Here's a list of teams, sorted by number of ex-Brewers, along with the players on their current active roster.  I'm sure I missed a few, and one of these days I'll try to do the same for former Brewers in the minor leagues, as well:

4 players:
Chicago Cubs: Henry Blanco, Jeromy Burnitz, Chad Fox, Glendon Rusch
St. Louis Cardinals: Cal Eldred (DL), Ray King, Bill Pulsipher (DL), Al Reyes

3 players:
Atlanta Braves: Julio Franco, Dan Kolb, Eddie Perez
Cleveland Indians: Ron Belliard, Jose Hernandez, Bob Wickman
San Diego Padres: Eric Young, Mark Loretta, Mark Sweeney

2 players:
Arizona Diamondbacks: Craig Counsell, Royce Clayton
Chicago White Sox: Scott Podsednik, Luis Vizcaino
Los Angeles Dodgers: Paul Bako, Jose Valentin
San Francisco Giants: Marquis Grissom, Mike Matheny
Seattle Mariners: Richie Sexson, Ron Villone
Tampa Bay Devil Rays: Hideo Nomo, Alex Sanchez (serving suspension)

1 player:
Boston Red Sox: Mike Myers
Cincinnati Reds: David Weathers
Colorado Rockies: Jamey Wright
Detroit Tigers: Fernando Vina (DL)
Florida Marlins: Lenny Harris
Kansas City Royals: Matt Stairs
New York Mets: Mike DeJean
New York Yankees: Gary Sheffield
Oakland Athletics: Keith Ginter
Washington Nationals: Gary Bennett

No players:
Baltimore Orioles, Houston Astros, Los Angeles Angels of not Milwaukee but Anaheim, Minnesota Twins, Philadelphia Phillies, Pittsburgh Pirates, Texas Rangers, Toronto Blue Jays