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Kieschnick Watch, Part VII

Another 1 1/3 scoreless innings for the slugging-est reliever in AA as the Corpus Christi Hooks won tonight.

Not a pretty outing, as it looks from the box score: 4 hits and 1 K in 1.1 innings, but no runs, lowering his ERA to 1.42  No ABs, but the box score reminds us (and the Brewer front office, perhaps?) that his batting average for 2005 stands at 1.000.  Incidentally, that would lead the Brewers.  

And while Brooks may be my favorite player, rest assured that I will not be rooting for the Astros.  Not, at least, until BK enters the game against the Crew, at which time I may just implode from the stress.  We'll see.