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Open Thread: Game 14, Milwaukee (5-8) at Houston (6-7)

Roy Oswalt (2-1, 4.50) goes against the gosh-I-hope-he's-healthy Ben Sheets (1-2, 3.38) or the gosh-I-hope-we-only-see-him-if-we-need-a-pinch-hitter-in-the-13th-inning Wes Obermueller (0-0, 1.42, in 6.1 innings across 3 relief appearances).

Boy, if I was slumping, I wouldn't want to have to face Roy Oswalt.  (This is purely hypothetical, I personally wouldn't want to face Roy Oswalt, even if I was on a hot streak.)  

If anybody liked my smooth-jazz saxophone recommendation the other day, I'd suggest you check out the track "Brother Ray" from David Sanborn's album "Inside."  Or Sanborn playing the standard "Smile" from his most recent disc, "Closer."  

Update [2005-4-20 0:18:10 by Jeff]: If you actually check out the Sanborn, bonus BCB points to you. But mega-super-bonus BCB points if you can name the recent pop diva song with the same chord progression as "Brother Ray."

Update [2005-4-20 15:41:59 by Jeff]: A little note on format: I like to keep the gameday open threads on top, so whenever I post something after putting up the gameday thread, I change the "timestamp" on the gameday thread so that it stays on top. In other words, keep a lookout for additional, more recent posts, below the gameday thread. I hope this isn't too confusing, I just want to keep the gameday thread easily accessible.