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Open Thread: Game 18, Milwaukee (6-11) at San Francisco (8-9)

Gary Glover (0-1, 4.38) tries to win the series for the Crew, up against Jerome Williams (0-1, 4.63) for the Giants.

Gary Glover really looks like a Brewer, doesn't he?  Clean cut...slightly bizarre facial, if he can only pitch like Santos!

With yet another loss, the Brewers have still scored more runs than they've allowed.  Now, they'll try to put it all together and score more runs than they allow IN AN ACTUAL GAME.

I see a no-hitter in Gary's future.

Update [2005-4-24 16:7:28 by Jeff]: Yorvit Torrealba is NOT playing, and Damian Miller is batting second. This combination of events has worked before...