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Open Thread: Game 19, Milwaukee (7-11) at St. Louis (12-5)

Fresh out of a series win in San Fran, and right back into the fire.  Wes "they traded Matt Kinney for me, and the jury's still out" Obermueller (0-0, 2.25, all in relief) goes against Jeff "I can't possibly crush the Brewers twice, can I?  No, I didn't think so" Suppan (1-2, 3.38).

I can't say I get all tingly inside at the prospect of the worst Brewer starting pitcher since Ruben Quevedo facing the most devastating lineup in the National League, but hey--Chris Saenz beat 'em last year, why not Obie?

Back to optimism: as lame as the offense has been (.224 BA through Saturday), they've scored almost exactly as many runs as the division leading Cardinals--about the same as the Nationals have, as well.  If one more guy gets hot--or even if J.J. Hardy becomes a league-average offensive shortstop--this goes from a mediocre offense to a competitive one.  And I'm looking for one of those things to happen any day now.

And Santos is pitching on Wednesday!  

Update [2005-4-25 21:56:31 by Jeff]: Yes yes, Obie was traded for Leskanic. Either way, I want Kieschnick back. And as I'm sure most of you know by now, the game was postponed due to rain, and it will be made up on Thursday, which was originally going to be an off day.