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Cycling backwards

Scoop (the software that runs BCB) just ate my post!

So I'll try again, perhaps a little shorter this time.  This can serve as the "Game 20 Thread That Never Was, Because Jeff Stayed Out Until Six AM Last Night and Forgot Today was a Day Game."

While Mark Grudzielanek hit for the cycle for the Cardinals, it's starting to feel like the Brewers have climbed on a stationary bike going nowhere--and not even very fast.  [ed note: this is a stupid metaphor.]

So, I guess no Cy Young in Victor Santos's future, as long as he's giving up dingers to the likes of Mark Grudzielanek.  It's getting a little freakish what happens to old 2Bmen under Tony LaRussa.  Womack had a career year last year, and Grudz is on a path to do the same.

But...there's some good news: Branyan in the lineup (even if it did take an Overbay injury to make it happen) and working his 3T0 magic; Chad Moeller actually got a hit; and the bullpen didn't collapse.  In fact, the bullpen was solid in four innings of work.

Still no sign of Lee's bat waking up, and, more generally, no sign of being able to compete with a team like the Cardinals.  With a new batting order just about every day, one gets the impression Yost is scuffling, tinkering with things that don't matter just to change something.  And I sympathize.

All in all, not a fun time to be a Brewer fan.  Maybe tomorrow's game will change all that...