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Open Thread: Game 21(b)(iii), Milwaukee (7-yuck) at St. Louis (1st place, disgusting)

Chris Capuano (0-2, 5.32), who is due for a stellar outing, not to mention his first win of the season, will take on Jason Marquis (3-0, 2.77) who will make me very angry if he doesn't get shelled, and soon.

Really, the Brewers not only need to avert a sweep here, but they'll be doing humanity a service if they stop the Cardinals, who--yes, I admit, are pretty good--are starting to get ridiculous.

And we've fallen behind the Pirates.  I know, this is nothing new for 21st century Brewer fans, but if I'm going to wear my Brewer cap with pride, I don't want some random Pirate fan to be snickering at me.  This is getting personal.

If Yadier Molina hits for a cycle, I think I'll just check into a mental hospital.  I mean, there's really no other option at that point.