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The Big O

What a great day in baseball:

Maddux outduels Clemens...

Hudson loses to Mulder...

Halladay beats Johnson and the Yanks...

and Glover, Wise, Phelps, and Turnbow beat the Reds!

To give those guys some breathing room, Overbay came back in style:

``The man can hit,'' Miley said after Overbay homered in his first two at-bats, leading the Milwaukee Brewers to a 4-3 victory over the Reds on Friday night. ``He has always hit against us. He has hit against everybody in the league.''

So Overbay's solid, and we've managed back-to-back wins still largely missing any contribution from Carlos Lee.  Turnbow has stepped up and appears to have earned the closer's job for now, and we even (!?!) got a nice outing from Tommy "no longer the last man in the bullpen now that Julio Santana got called up" Phelps.

Shall we try for 3?