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Another lopsided win? 2-0? Whee!

If the Crew keeps up this rate, they'll go 162-0!

Say, Cardinal fans...feel the breeze?  That's the Milwaukee Brewers zooming into first place.  Okay, it probably isn't quite time to gloat yet, and those two wins are against the Pirates, but hey, if the Brewers had overcome the mysterious Pirate mojo last year, they would've been a 4th or 5th place team.

Random facts so far:

  • The 3B threesome has combined for a batting average of .500 and an OBP of .600.  Wes Helms has so far contributed nothing.  (I know, small sample size, but do you really think a big sample size will have different results?)
  • In each game so far, the Brewers have scored more runs than they left on base.  That's impressive, as the Crew in 2004 left more men on base in July than they drove in all year long!  (I'm making that last part up, but it's plausible, eh?)
  • Starting rotation ERA: under 3.00.  Bullpen ERA: 0.00.
  • Using the quick-and-dirty version of Bill James's Pythagorean Winning Percentage along with runs scored and runs allowed so far, the Brewers project to go 155-7.  We might even have a shot at the Wild Card with a record like that!
  • Without Benito Santiago in the lineup, the Pirates would be even less of a potent offensive force than they are with him.  And that means the Brewers will always have padding between themselves and the cellar!  (Okay, this one was unnecessary, but someone bet me I couldn't use "Benito Santiago" and "potent offensive force" in the same sentence.  Seriously.)

Cool.  Now the Cubs should fall before the might of the 1st place (three days running!) Milwaukee Brewers.