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Open Thread: Game 4, Milwaukee (3-0) at Chicago (1-3)

Ben Sheets (1-0, 2.57) takes on Carlos Zambrano (0-0, 5.79).  I'd say we can look for Brewers quality start #3, and a nifty little extension of the winning streak.

I'll try to check in, but my chances of catching much of the game currently hover between the slim and the Milwaukee bullpen's ERA. (Clever, eh?)  

Sometime this weekend or soon thereafter, I'll post the results of my latest Diamond Mind project: the creation of the Pittsburgh AAAAs.  I replaced the Pirates (about time!) with a minor-league all-star team, using their ZiPS projected 2005 major league stats.  I ran one full season tonight, and the AAAAs came in 2nd ahead of the Brewers in 3rd, and the minor-league guys won the Wild Card!  The concept is still a bit flawed, as it's a mix of replacement-player types (Henri Stanley, Kieschnick, etc.) and real prospects (Fielder, Hendrickson, Brad Hawpe, Ryan Shealy).  Later I'll do another project with just replacement players--that is, the guys Pittsburgh could actually replace their entire team with, if Dave Littlefield hadn't undergone that frontal lobotomy.

Now back to our regularly scheduled game chat...