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Kieschnick Watch, Part I

Brooks Kieschnick may no longer be a Brewer, but I don't see why that means he can't be my favorite player anymore.  Hence, my new feature: Kieschnick Watch, in which everything written, thought, or dreamed about Brooks Kieschnick will be noted, analyzed, and searched for hints that our beloved two-way player will return to Milwaukee soon.

I'm not a stalker, really.  I just like the guy.

From the Corpus Christi Hooks website today:

Newly acquired Astros' farmhand Brooks Kieschnick threw on the side prior to Friday's game. His activation on the Hooks' roster is not expected until sometime next week during Corpus Christi's road trip to Frisco.

I realize that should Brooks get off to a hot start and get a promotion to Houston, my Kiesch fandom could create a serious conflict of interest. This is a risk I'm willing to take.