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Open Thread: Game 34, Milwaukee @ Pittsburgh

Did someone say, four games over .500?

Oh no, I accidentally jumped three days into the future.  Silly me!

Chris Capuano (2-2, 4.04) and the recently awakened Brewer offense take on Kip Wells (3-3, 4.53) and the not-very-good Pittsburgh Pirates.  Despite sitting at 15-18, they have a shot to take over 3rd place for themselves tonight (not that it's going to happen, but...), while the Brewers could, with a win and a Cards loss, move within 3.5 of the top spot.

That would truly be the twilight zone for Cubs fans: the Cardinals, Brewers, and Pirates sitting 1, 2, 3.  Whatever we say about Ned Yost, I'm sure glad we've got him instead of Dusty!