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Rickie...or should we call you "Thunk?"

From Baseball America's daily dish:

It doesn't matter the level, Rickie Weeks hits, and gets hit. In an eleven inning 8-6 loss to Las Vegas, the Nashville second baseman was 1-for-4 with a triple and was twice hit by pitches. He has now been hit 10 times this season after being hit 28 times last season and 15 times his last year of college. Watch out, Hughie Jennings, your record could be in trouble.

Incidentally, Jennings's career HBP record may already be in trouble.  If Craig Biggio sticks around as a super-utility guy, the record could be his by the end of the '06 season.  He came into the season 31 HBPs away from Jennings's 287, and has gotten hit at least 15 times every year since 2000.  

And now that I look a little further down the list, it appears Jason Kendall could threaten the all-time record long before Weeks does.  Kendall is only 30, and has 177 HBPs against 4606 career ABs.  It's taken Biggio almost exact twice that many ABs to amass his 256.  Kendall may need to find a new position by the time he gets to be Biggio's age (after all, Biggio found a new position well before he was Kendall's age!) but Jason looks to be on track to demolish Hughie Jennings's mark.