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Prospectus takes on the topic of the better-than-expected Brewers pitching staff:

Is the excitement justified? A big part of the Milwaukee buzz is that the starting rotation has held together in the absence of Ben Sheets. But the Brew Crew's starters, with a group ERA of 4.30, haven't been spectacular in Sheets' absence either, their total contribution ranking 8th in the league. While Doug Davis is struggling, fellow lefty Chris Capuano has held the fort at the top of the rotation, despite suffering from uncharacteristic gopheritis (seven homers in 50.7 innings for Capuano, a whopping 10 in 55.3 innings pitched for Davis). Meanwhile Victor Santos and Wes Obermueller may be playing a bit over their heads-each is currently outpacing their 90th-percentile PECOTA projections.

Uncharacteristic?  Capuano gave up 18 dingers in 88 innings last year.  Davis's HR rates are, admittedly, very discouraging.