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Open Thread: Game 42, Milwaukee (19-22) at Minnesota (24-16)

Doug "AL-Killer" Davis (4-5, 5.01) goes for the Crew against Brad "maybe I can throw a complete game in only seventy-three pitches" Radke (4-3, 3.71) for the Twinkies.

As I said yesterday, this Twins rotation doesn't get any easier -- Radke and Santana (who the Brewers will face tomorrow) are possibly the strongest 1-2 punch in the American League.  The Twins play the game the Brewers are trying to play -- let pitchers use the defense by throwing lots of strikes (I think the Twins staff has given up about six walks all year) -- but clearly the Crew has a ways to go before they can play at that level.  I hope tonight everyone on the team turns into a Brady Clark and fouls off about 10 pitches on the first go-round against Radke.  

Go Brewers!