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Yesterday's game was depressing

I feel it too.

But I'm a relentlessly positive person (which makes me annoying, I'm sure), so I prefer to see the good in yesterday's game.  The first thing that springs to mind is that we very nearly won a game in which we sent Wes Obermueller to the mound against last year's AL Cy Young award winner--all of this in one of the most home-biased parks in MLB.  I can't imagine the Vegas line was very favorable on the Brewers winning last night.  And they nearly did.

Aside from the ridiculous difference in K's (11 for Johan, 2 for Wes), Obie outpitched Johan Santana.  Just let that sink in.  Win or loss, that sort of production from somebody who couldn't even crack the opening day rotation is the type of thing that creates a sleeper wild card team.

Not only did Obie hold his own against Santana, the Brewers bats held their own against the toughest bullpen in the AL.  In fact, they battered the poor guys.  (Yes, yes, they battered us too, but we're the underdogs, remember?)  Both Juan Rincon and Joe Nathan gave up runs, and that isn't a sentence one can write very often.

Brady Clark is continuing his incredible season -- we're well past the point of his performance being a fluke.  The guy is a credible defensive centerfielder, hitting .339 (let me rephrase that: .339!?!) and on a pace for 24 dingers.  In other words, he's putting up the sort of numbers that command about $10 million bucks on the open free agent market.  And he's signed for 4th OF money.  

Yes, I'm ready for Spivey to go away, even if it means handing Bill Hall the starting job for a bit.  And it's frustrating to see Turnbow, who's been so brilliant thus far, suffer another blown save.  But this was a heck of a game -- the sort of game the Brewers wouldn't have even been in last year or the year before.  Given the trajectory of this club, it seems that this is the kind of game that we can win next year.