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Open Thread: Game 45, Colorado (3-18 on the road!) at Milwaukee (21-23)

I didn't realize yesterday just how pitiful the Rox have been away from Coors Field.  3-18 is probably on pace for a record of some sort, if it isn't one already.

Jeff Francis (4-1, 4.27), the Rockies' young lefty phenom, tries to reverse his own road woes against Dracula (1-4, 3.20), who deserves a lot of run support for once.  It's still a small sample, but it's jarring to see Francis's and Santos's ERA's & records next to each other: Francis a run higher, but 4-1 instead of 1-4.'s time for the Brewers to give Santos some love.

Something tells me Bill Hall will be in the lineup today--and I'm certainly not going to complain!

Go Brewers!