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Open Thread: Game 47, Houston (16-30) at Milwaukee (23-23)

Back at .500 again!

And a very bad team is in town!  The unfortunate thing about this very bad team, though, is that they have very good pitching.  Tonight the Crew will go up against Roy Oswalt (5-5, 3.38).  Saturday won't be quite so threatening: Ezequiel Astacio, with his 18.2 career innings.  But Sunday, it looks threatening again with Andy Pettitte on the hill for the Astros.  In other words, I don't think we can count on blowing these guys out every night.

On the flip side, it seems very unlikely that we'll be blown out, either.  Doug Davis (5-5, 4.31) hasn't looked as good as he did at times last year, but he should be solid against the inconsistent Houston offense.  Wes Obermueller and Chris Capuano, pitching Saturday and Sunday, are each coming off a couple of the best starts of their careers.  This would be a great time for everybody to build some momentum and get a little cushion between us and .500.  

Interesting side-note: just in case you wondered how great a season this could be for Chris Capuano, relative to his career: last year was his previous high in innings pitched, with 88.  He's currently at 67.  End of May.  He's on pace for over 200.  Can't complain about that, not one bit.

Go Brewers!

Update [2005-5-27 21:5:5 by Jeff]: Jim Powell just said that it won't be Ezequiel Astacio tomorrow, it'll be Wandy Rodriguez, a lefty with one career start. The start was May 23rd against the Cubs, in which he gave up 4 runs in 5.2 IP. Apparently Phil Garner, managerial genius, thinks the Astros have a better matchup sending out a minor league lefty than they do with a minor league righty.

Update [2005-5-27 22:49:30 by Jeff]: I had a brain fart. Obie isn't starting tomorrow, Sheets is. Which isn't to say we don't have the best #6 starter in baseball right now...