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Open Thread: Game 48, Houston (16-31) at Milwaukee (24-23)

It's the return of Ben Sheets (1-3, 3.95) against Wandy Rodriguez, though Yahoo is still saying Ezequiel Astacio is starting for the 'Stros.  Ben, kidder that he is, said:

``I'm always nervous,'' Sheets said. ``But I'm excited to help out this team. They've played great. As a matter of fact, when I left we were five games under (.500), so maybe I should stay out.''

If Ben goes on a tear and Davis keeps pitching well, four starters could be in the top 15-20 in NL ERA.  For those of you who haven't read the comments in the thread below, it was Mike Adams who got sent down, more for roster management purposes than because he deserved it.  In fact, despite his inability to claim the closer job, Adams has pitched quite well in a set-up/middle-relief role.

Go Brewers!

Update [2005-5-28 18:43:50 by Jeff]: The Astros are doing their part to ensure Sheets's return goes well...check out the starting lineup:

1. Orlando Palmiero
2. Todd Self
3. Jose Vizcaino
4. Lance Berkman
5. Mike Lamb
6. Morgan Ensberg
7. Adam Everett
8. Raul Chavez
9. Wandy Rodriguez

Now that I look more closely, Palmiero and Self are both hitting well so far this year, though in limited action. After that, though, it's easy to tell why the Astros are losing: .242, .206, .195, .283, .225, .220.