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Headed for the top...

Much has been written about the surprising Brewers pitching staff, especially with Sheets on the shelf (until tonight!).  The notable thing right now is that with the Phillies' 12-5 win over the Braves earlier today, the Brewers are now 2nd in NL staff ERA.  The Crew is at 3.44, just behind the Marlins at 3.40.  A slightly better performance from Sheets than from Dontrelle Willis (hmm, maybe I shouldn't be putting money on this...) will put the Crew in first.  

Across MLB, the Brewers are now 4th, behind the ChiSox (3.23), Marlins, and Twins (3.41).  All of those teams haven't lost their ace, so I'd say we're doing pretty nicely.

And while I'm sorting stats: the Brewers are first in the NL in WHIP, which may well be a better indicator of pitching success than ERA.