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Open Thread: Game 50, Milwaukee (24-25) at San Diego (31-19)

Victor Santos (2-4, 3.02) vs. Darrell May (0-0, 5.53).

Does anybody else wish baseball would bring back the Memorial Day doubleheader?  I know all the ESPN coverage is nice and all, and that pitching staffs can't handle doubleheaders the same way they used to, but there's something about a daytime doubleheader that just screams baseball in the summer.

Now that I've got that out of my system: I'm more than a bit disappointed that the Crew couldn't pull out a series win over the lowly Astros--the cliche would be that it's games like that that make or break .500 teams.  Great to see Cappy pitching so well--for at least the third straight start, he lowered his ERA.  Not a great weekend for team ERA, what with the Astros offense exploding on Saturday, but enough good performances, including a nice comeback from Sheets, to be encouraging.

Late night game for those of us not on the West Coast ... go Brewers!