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Progress Report on J.J. Hardy

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The Journal-Sentinal reviews J.J. Hardy's first month in the bigs, with some interesting insights from a few angles, including Butch Wynegar's:

"He's not far off," Wynegar said of Hardy. "Right now, he has a lot of things swimming in his head. I told him, my rookie year I struggled the first month and I barely hit .200. (Twins manager) Gene Mauch stuck with me and I hit my first big-league home run off Catfish Hunter to win a game at Yankee Stadium. Then, went back to Minnesota and I hit my second one the next night off Jim Palmer. The light went on in my head. I thought, 'Hey, I can hit here.' It kind of got me going. That's all J.J. needs. He needs something to happen to give him confidence."