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More speculation from Rosenthal...

Now a note on the impending first-base dilemma--that is, if Prince Fielder returns to his mashing-est form:

1B Lyle Overbay's latest surge raises the possibility that the Brewers might keep him and trade Class AAA 1B Prince Fielder instead--or delay their first base decision for another year. Overbay, 28, will get a significant raise from his $446,000 salary when he becomes eligible for arbitration after this season. But Fielder, who will turn 21 in May, might be better suited to the American League, where he also could serve as a DH. The Devil Rays and A's both could use a young first baseman, as could the Pirates in the N.L.

Interesting idea.  I can't imagine a deal to the Pirates, as Prince's young career would haunt the Crew for about 20 games a year.  The Devil Rays are an intriguing possibility, though--there are lots of young arms in that organization, and a package of a couple of them might be enough to get the organization to commit to Lyle.

What do you think?  At this point in his development, what would it take for you to pull the trigger on a deal for the Prince?