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Open Thread: Game 77, Milwaukee (35-41) at Chicago Cubs (39-36)

The 47 million dollar man, Ben Sheets (3-6, 3.68 ERA) takes to the mound vs the Chicago Cubs and Kerry Wood (1-1, 6.15 ERA) at 1:20 CST in Wrigley Field.

Unfortunately, this game isn't being shown on either FSN or WGN, so I'll be tuning in via radio to the classic tones of Bob Uecker and Jim Powell. "How bout THAT one, folks!"

The Brewers were owned by Mr Zambrano in game one of the series but hopefully will rebound against a rusty Wood just back from a AAA rehab assignment.

Lets hope that this time, when faced with choosing between Trent Durrington and Prince Fielder for a clutch pinch hitting situation, Ned Yost goes for the big bat of Fielder. (Better yet, I'm personally hoping that its Lyle Overbay pinch hitting with Fielder starting at first... but thats just the Prince fan in me talking)

Have Corey Hart or Dave Krynzel been brought up from AAA yet? (Quick check of the roster---- negative), errr ummm OK then that means Geoff Jenkins will get the start in right...

With Chad Moeller starting behind the plate to catch Mr Sheets, does Yost dare go with Hardy at SS?  That Moeller-Hardy-Sheets 7-8-9 has been a steady rally killer all season, and throw the continual slumping Jenkins in batting 6th and we could be hurtin'... I don't see any way Yost can help but start Wes Helms again at 3B... Man, am I ever looking forward to Russell Branyan's return. He had a double and an RBI in his first game in his rehab assignment with Nashville, and hopefully will be back for the Pittsburgh series.

Go Brewers!