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Instant Replay

This is a perennial hot-stove argument, but it's surfaced to the extent of garnering comment from the Commish: should baseball use a football-like instant replay?

Commissioner Bud Selig, responding to comments by three veteran managers who favor instant replay, said Wednesday that he remains opposed to the use of replay as a way to verify umpires' decisions in Major League Baseball.

"I like it the way it is now," Selig told The Sporting News from his office in Milwaukee. "Human error always has been part of the equation. Yet, I think we're doing very well. I really think the umpiring has improved.

"Mistakes are made in the NFL with instant replay. (I don't like) stopping the game, guys going over it for three minutes. We need to continue demanding as much perfection out of our umpires as we can.

"I don't mind change. But that's not one I'm sympathetic to."

I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm with R. Budd.  A much more important improvement would be more consistency in the strike zone, and more accountability for umpires.  Calling balls fair or foul isn't that hard; nor is much of an umpire's job.