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open thread: CARLOS LEE

At the beginning of the season I predicted 40 HR's for Carlos "El Caballo" Lee. In part just a hunch, in part thinking that Miller Park can be a hitters ballpark.  It wasn't really an intelligent prediction, based on his career stats though:

year  team  HR   RBI   Avg
2000  CHW   24   92   .301
2001  CHW   24   84   .269  
2002  CHW   26   80   .264  
2003  CHW   31  113   .291  
2004  CHW   31   99   .305

We're 3 games away from the half-way point of the season and Carlos Lee has 22 HR's and 72 RBI's right now (and this after a relatively slow start for him).....

Can he keep up this pace? Will he end the season with a typical Carlos Lee type season of 30 HR's and 105 or so RBI's?  Will his 2nd half be a more typical "Carlos pace" of 15 HR's and 50 RBI's to finish with 37 HR's and 122 RBI's?  Is this the case of a player developing into his prime now?