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Here Come the Yankees!

Tonight the Yankees visit Miller Park for the first time.  I'm sad to say that I had tickets for tonight's and tomorrow's game, and I'm ending up not able to go.  I've been whining to everyone I've seen all day.

It hasn't been good for the Yankees lately; after they recovered from their weak start and got back into the AL East race, they've now lost 7 of 8.  As we've come to expect, Steinbrenner isn't likely to go long without doing something:

``He's very passionate. I hear from him as much when we're winning as when we're losing,'' general manager Brian Cashman said Sunday night after the latest flop, a 9-3 defeat at Minnesota in which Kevin Brown wasted a 2-0, sixth-inning lead.

Steinbrenner held a Friday conference call with Cashman, manager Joe Torre and team president Randy Levine. The Yankees owner made no new statements Sunday, but his Saturday morning remarks ended ominously.

``It's really in Torre's and Cashman's hands right now,'' he said.

I would imagine that many Yankee fans are licking their chops at the chance to beat up on the Crew for a few games.  But I'd like to think that any team that's recently been swept by the Royals will have a hard time competing with the 2005 Brewers.  And regardless, it'll be fun to watch each one of the Brewers pitchers strike out Jason Giambi a time or two!