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All-Star Snub?

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The Journal-Sentinel complains the the Crew isn't getting much all-star voting love.  True, no doubt, though I'm not sure the Brewers deserve a whole lot.  People complain about some snub or other every year, but the fact is that the fans vote for perennial favorites over whoever is putting up the best statline this year.  And given that the fans are selecting who they want to see, it's not entirely wrong that they do so.

That said, if Brady Clark continues playing the way he has, I'd much prefer to see him on the team than anyone else.  Yes, Carlos Lee has a whole bunch of RBIs, but frankly, Brady can claim a share of that, too.  Certainly the guys lining up in the two hole aren't getting on base for Carlos nearly as much as Clark is.  

My favorite part of this article is the pair of quotes from Ned Yost:

That's always tough," Brewers manager Ned Yost said. "There are so many good outfielders. It's a tough thing picking an all-star team.

And, shifting gears:

It's not an easy thing to do," Yost said. "There are so many good players. We always had a tough time with it.