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Draft Preview

I don't know if anybody wants to discuss the amateur draft taking place tomorrow and Wednesday, but here's an interesting article about scouting director Jack Zduriencik and reaping the benefits of some good drafts.  Also, it covers the obvious:

Zduriencik never tips his hand before draft day, but the Brewers would probably love to fill an organizational hole at third base by selecting either the University of Nebraska's Alex Gordon or the University of Virginia's Ryan Zimmerman. In separate mock drafts conducted by and Baseball America, those players were both gone in the first four picks and the Brewers selected outfielder Cameron Maybin out of T.C. Roberson High School in Arden, N.C.

A couple of things I've read have suggested that various team's budget issues could lead to Zimmerman falling to the Brewers.  One very optimistic article (which I frustratingly can't find right now) suggested that maybe Alex Gordon would fall to fifth; that would be exciting.  A Double-A-ready college 3B could make a big difference in Milwaukee in 2007.  Something tells me that when the Brewers start contending in earnest, third base won't be manned by Branyan, Helms, or Cirillo.