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Open Thread: Game 59, Yankees (28-30) at Milwaukee (28-30)

Let's see ... which is better?  28-30 at $50 million a year, or 28-30 at $200 million a year, not counting the luxury tax bill?  Tough call, no doubt.

Tonight the Brewers will try to edge ahead of the Bronx Bombers (not that it matters, but man, would it feel good) behind Chris Capuano (5-4, 3.02), against Mike Mussina (5-4, 4.32).  

As Chris is pitching tonight, I was inspired to check the NL ERA leaders.  Cappy is still in the top 15, and Santos is in the top 10.  Most alarmingly, though, Glendon Rusch, he of the 6.42 2003 ERA for Milwaukee, is 4th in the league.  Sheesh.

Go Brewers!