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Open Thread, Game 94, Milwaukee (45-48) at St Louis (60-32)

Well on the plus side, if you just tuned in late last night, you woulda seen a few good things: George of the Roses pitching great for 2 shut out innings (Yost and Melvin are wise to stick it out with Jorge), a monster HR from Rickie Weeks, and JJ Hardy with a multi-hit game and now batting over .200

Tonight it is Davis (9-7, 4.03) vs Suppan (9-7, 4.21)

Every stat-head I know has told me throughout the year that Geoff Jenkins would get hot and start hitting well again, driving in runs and hitting HR's.  Well, so far at least, every stat-head I know has been right... if Jenkins can stay reasonably hot (or at least return to his regular season averages over recent years) for the rest of the season, that will be a big key for the Brewers "drive for five"(hundred)...

Doug Davis has pitched real well in recent outings, I'm looking for that to continue tonight in the Lion's Den...