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Open Thread: Game 95, Milwaukee (46-48) at St. Louis (60-33)

Maybe I'm just a homer, but I've been getting the feeling lately that we're watching the Brewers turn into a really good team.  In many ways the Crew has reminded me of the Marlins in their championship year, mostly because we've seemed to get a boost from Rickie Weeks--the highly touted infield propect (a la Miggy Cabrera) who arrived sooner than expected and has produced even better than expected.  And man, oh man, this pitching staff ... no team with a payroll under $100M deserves anything like this.  (And watching the big guys flounder these days, it appears that no team with a payroll OVER $100M has anything like this.)  

Tonight it'll be the battle of the aces: Ben Sheets (5-6, 3.45) vs. Mark Mulder (10-5, 4.13).  Mulder has given up one run in his last fifteen innings, while Big Ben has thrown quality starts in seven of his last eight.  I must admit I'm a bit worried about Sheets and his new gopher-ball proclivity going up against the powerful Cardinals, but then again, if it doesn't go well, we've got one of the best bullpens in baseball.

Go Brewers!