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Swapping Obie for Lehr

Until Justin Lehr came into the game today, I didn't know he had been called up.  I'm excited to see what he has to offer--I know the A's had some hopes for him when he was called up midseason last year.

The main reason I wanted to link to that article, though, was Ned's comment about his chat with Wes Obermueller before Obie was sent down:

"He was OK with it," Yost said. "We sat here and talked about it. He still fights himself at times. His stuff is good. He just has to realize it. He has to figure it out. I didn't figure out what I had as a player until I was a third-base coach."

Do I hear rumblings of a Sojo-like comeback?  After all, Ned may be equivalent to Julio Mosquera if Damian Miller or Chad Moeller goes down...