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Open Thread: Game 99, Brewers (48-50) vs. Cincinnati (41-56)

Doug Davis (9-7, 4.18) yet again goes for win #10 vs Cincinnati and Hudson (1-5, 10.05)

Last night's game was something else.  It could have ended 18-17 either way and I wouldn't have been suprised. While the Reds' staff certainly isn't stellar I gotta believe one of the reasons for their high ERA is their home ballpark.  Meanwile players like Dunn and Griffey Jr can mash with the best of them. Fun games to watch but they must drive Ned Yost crazy...

I see the Reds traded Randa to the Padres for a couple of prospects. San Diego got themselves a good player...

I've said it before but I'll say it again: the Brewers are a different animal when Geoff Jenkins is hitting well...and Lyle Overbay is as hot as ever right now. This is prime time to make a run that puts the Brew Crew over .500 permanently.