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Only in the Minors

How about this for a breather from the depressing game this afternoon:

Mark Rogers, the Brewers' No. 1 draft pick in 2004, was pitching Saturday night for Class A West Virginia and walked four batters in the second inning to tie the game at 1. After another run scored on a passed ball, Power manager Ramon Aviles switched Rogers with left fielder Josh Brady, who escaped a bases-loaded jam by striking out Jason Jaramillo to finish the inning.

At the start of the third, Rogers returned to the mound.

"An outfielder having to come and finish the inning is an embarrassment," West Virginia pitching coach John Curtis told the Charleston Gazette. "I wasn't happy with the way Rogers pitched. I think the adrenaline is overtaking him and we are trying to get him to relax. He didn't do that tonight."